Flaxseed oil


Flaxseed oil is the significant and irreplaceable product for our health.  Regular use of flax seed oil normalizes the functioning of the organism and helps to treat many diseases. Here below you will find detailed information about how to use flaxseed oil. It has been known about flaxseed oil and its healing features since ancient times. In Russia it has been irreplaceable product for nutrition, it was used during the lent with vegetables, holiday meals were cooked on its basis; it was added to bakery for the smell. In the ancient traditional medicine flax seed oil was used for the treatment of wounds and for their quicker healing, like the pain relief. And nowadays flaxseed oil successfully helps human to treat sicknesses, preserving health for many years. 
Composition of flax seed oil
The oil is produced from flax seeds by means of cold pressure technology (there is more than 48% of it in the seeds of flax). Only using the technology of cold pressure the oil can save its healing features and can be used as the medication. The oil from the flax seeds may have the color range from brown to the golden, depending on the way of refining. Flax seed oil takes the first place among all other vegetable oils for its biological value and it contains lots of useful substances (polyunsaturated acids, vitamins F,  A, E, B, K, saturated fatty acids (10% of the composition).
Oil from the flax seeds is the perfect external source of the useful polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 (our body is not capable of independent synthesis of these fats). Besides, Omega-6 is presented also in soya, sunflower, mustard, rape, and olive oils, and Omega-3 can only be found in the needed amount in flax seed oil. In flaxseed oil there is 2 times more Omega-3 than in cod-liver oil, and is much more than in other nutrition products. When getting into the body Omega-3 and Omega-6 interfere into the cells structure and later on positively influence the cell activity and the speed of nervous impulses transmission.  
Useful characteristics of flaxseed oil 
Mainly because of the high percentage of Omega-3 and Omega-6 flax seed oil normalizes metabolism process in the body and has the following useful medical characteristics:
Regular use of flax seed oil in the daily nutrition helps to decrease the level of cholesterol and the viscosity of blood, increase the vessels elasticity, which finally may prevent the development of heart attack, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, and ischemia; decreases the risk of insult and thrombosis. 
Besides, flaxseed oil normalizes the work of the whole digestive system: improves the liver functioning, helps to treat colitis, gastritis, stops constipation, heart burn and fights parasites. 
Immune protective characteristics of the oil are of the great value: its use in nutrition prevents some cancer diseases (breast cancer and rectum cancer). Also, in medicine flax seeds oil is recommended for the patients after the operation or during rehabilitation. Regular use of the flaxseed oil is recommended for children for the full value and healthy development of the body.   
Flaxseed oil is very important for the health of each woman. It should be included in the nutrition of pregnant women, because its components positively influence the development of the brain of the future child, and makes the period of pregnancy and birth easier. Daily use of flax seed oil normalizes the hormonal balance, it heals the premenstrual syndrome and improves the health of the woman during the climax. Flax seed natural oil is also widely used as the part of the complex treatment and prophylactics of  lounges and bronchus diseases, nervous system diseases, kidneys and bladder diseases, thyroid disease and in the treatment of low male potency. 
Nutritionists have come to the conclusion that the human may effectively lose extra weight if he partly replaces the animal fats with easily digested flaxseed oil. Oil from the flax seeds is also irreplaceable component of the nutrition of vegetarians, who don’t eat fish.   
How to use the flax seed oil
We recommend to add flax oil to vinaigrette and salads, mix it with yoghurt, kefir, honey, to use it together with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes, to add it to porridge. Flaxseed oil is sometimes added to bakery to create the special aroma and nice yellow-orange color. 
It is necessary to mention that it’s better to use flax seed oil cold, without thermal process, - in this case it will not lose its healing characteristics and will keep in its composition all useful substances and vitamins.