Flaxes with apple and cinnamon 150g

Product Code: Flaxes with apple and cinnamon 150g
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This is a great food for a picnic, a great snack to drinks and the basis for delicious sandwiches.
Seven Reasons for the daily servings Flax:
Flax - a zero cholesterol and only healthy fats (Omega-3), it is your energy and daily support for the heart, blood vessels and brain
Flax - a performance and a great tone, a good portion of vitamins A, B1 (thiamine or antinevrin), B6 ​​(pyridoxine), F and phytosterols
Flax - a daily intake of essential macro and micro elements
Flax - a lot of fiber, it is clean and tidy in your body and the natural regulation of cholesterol and blood sugar
Flax - a high content of natural antioxidants - the defense against aging and cancer
Flax do not contain gluten. That is why the Flax can replace bread for people with problematic and poor intestinal tolerability gluten.

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