Organic Smart Porridge

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Organic INSTANT Porridge  ROASTED
+freeze-dry fruit
4*45g  Sachets
Enriched with fibre and proteins
No need to add sugar
No need to cook
We are offering instant porridge. A ready-to-eat pre-cooked meal.
Made from organic  ingredients  the high energy content mixed with the flavour of natural mixed freez-dried fruit 
enriched with high fibre,
carbohydrates and proteins, this exotic combination gives it the lip-smacking taste that leaves you asking for more.
We are offering instant porridge. A ready-to- eat pre-cooked meal.
Porridge fulfills the deficiency of the required nutrients.
Preparation: Mix sachet of Smart porridge powder in 200ml of hot or cold milk,water, juice or yoghurt. Stir well and enjoy tastier, nutritional and healthy Smart porridge.

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