ROSE BAY WILLOW herb tea - welcome back!

ROSE BAY  WILLOW  herb tea is the traditional Slavic tea drink, which has been known all over the world for the last eight centuries. In case of using the authentic technology of fermentation and drying the product will keep its unique and healing features and delicate tart taste. This tea is more rich and aromatic then the traditional sorts of tea, - the genuine pleasure for those who love really strong and rich taste.  
Plus to the high quality of taste ROSE BAY  WILLOW  herb tea has therapeutic effect, preserving men’s longevity, it helps to normalize blood pressure, cleans the body, calms it down and decreases tiredness.  
Especially for you we created the set consisting of five types of this magical drink:    
ROSE BAY WILLOW herb tea classic, ROSE BAY WILLOW herb tea with sea-buckthorn, ROSE BAY WILLOW herb tea with rose hip, ROSE BAY WILLOW herb tea with  blueberry, OSE BAY WILLOW herb tea with hawthorn.
Regular use of ROSE BAY  WILLOW  herb tea: 
- helps to normalize the functioning of prostate; 
- normalizes blood pressure; 
- it helps to get rid of slag and toxins; 
- it normalizes the functioning of digestive system;
- decreases tiredness. 
  There should be mentioned that among microelements found in the herb, there is large percentage of iron, copper and manganese.  ROSE BAY  WILLOW  herb tea contains tannins (up to 25 %), which prevent the spread of pathogenic bacteria: pectin removes toxins from the body; flavonoids improve the penetrability of blood vessels and are responsible for transportation of blood with nutrients through the whole body and vitamins B are necessary for the normal metabolism. ROSE BAY  WILLOW  herb tea contains 6,5 times more Vitamin C  then lemon. 
 One of the main advantages of ROSE BAY  WILLOW  herb tea is that it does not contain caffeine!