Pine nuts pillow 60x50 cm

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Pine nut (Cedar) pillow with cedar nut skin filling
Is the unique product of natural origin, looking like the normal pillow. Its most important feature is the filling!
The pillow is filled with cedar nut skin. This makes it a good medication for the human body.
1. It has positive influence towards the respiratory organs and respiratory system in general;
2. It strengthens the immune system;
3. It helps to prevent colds due to the high concentration of phytoncides, which are volatiles, able to kill microbes;
4. It strengthens the nervous system – improves sleep and mental state of the human;
5. It stimulates hair growth and makes the hair look better;
6. It effectively reduces stress and fatigue and gives energy for the whole day;
7. It fills the body with the vital energy.
Cedar pillow with the cedar nut skin natural filling has the unique advantage – there will never be any bed ticks, fleas or any other insects or harmful microelements, causing allergy. 
It is important to mention that the cedar pillow does not cause allergy!
Composition: filling – under shell skin of the cedar nut.
100 % no additives; pillowcase – polycotton.


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