What is the role of Omega-3 for our body?

It occupies the significant part of the membrane of each human cell.  It provides the mobility of the cell membrane and its normal penetrability. If the cell membrane consists of other substances (cholesterol, transformed protein molecules), it usually means that the person eats mainly meat fats or sunflower oil and in this case the membrane loses its penetrability. Cells do not get glucose, calcium and potassium from the blood vessel. The synthesis of self-produced by cells substances, such as bile, hormones of pancreas, thyroid and sex glands becomes worse. Thus, in case of the lack of Omega 3 in body nutrition there occur many problems with health:
Hypertension, ischemia; 
Bad memory and attention, vegetative dystonia; 
Diabetes, obesity; 
Weak functioning of thyroid, pancreas and sex glands; 
Weak functioning of lever and bile system; 
Deterioration of kidneys’ work. 
In case of the lack of Omega 3 interrelation of cells is breaking. Erythrocytes begin to stick on each other. Process of thrombosis begins. Viruses, free radicals and microbe cells easily attach to the cell surface. The body becomes more insecure for the damaging influence of free radicals.   
And, as a result, there may be frequent infectious diseases, tumors, decrease of immunity, dysbiosis. The process of germ cells (spermatozoids and ovules) fusion is broken, that leads to infertility.  
In case of the lack of Omega 3 in the cell membranes of the blood vessels, cholesterol and platelet easily settle down on the internal walls of the vessels. That leads to the development of cholesterol plaques, which provoke hypertension, atherosclerosis of heart and brain. If there is enough of Omega 3 in food, we may easily keep the cholesterol in blood on the optimal level (4,5 mol/l) and protect ourselves from heart attack and insult.  
Not all the people get easily used to the specific taste of the flax seed oil. 
At present time flaxseed oil attracts much attention of the nutritionists all over the world, especially in the countries where healthy nutrition is promoted and supported by the government.  For example in Canada there is Canadian national flax program. In Germany 30 % of all bakeries for catering are cooked with flax seed or flax flour.  

Uniqueness of flaxseed oil is in very high percentage of Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (up to 57%) that is contained in it. In the opinion of naturopaths Omega 3 is the most valuable component of any vegetable oil. Oils differ greatly from each other in the amount of Omega 3 that is contained in them.  Omega 3 is indispensable component for human being. It is not synthesized in the body, that’s why it has to enough of it in the food. The biggest percentage of Omega 3 is contained in flax, hemp oils and in cod-liver oil. The most optimal source of Omega 3 for Europe and Russia citizens is flaxseed oil and not cod-liver oil.