Cedar pillow

Cedar pillow
with cedar nut skin filling
Is the unique product of natural origin, looking like the normal pillow. Its most important feature is the filling!
The pillow is filled with cedar nut skin. This makes it a good medication for the human body.
1. It has positive influence towards the respiratory organs and respiratory system in general;
2. It strengthens the immune system;
3. It helps to prevent colds due to the high concentration of phytoncides, which are volatiles,   able to kill microbes;
4. It strengthens the nervous system – improves sleep and mental state of the human;
5. It stimulates hair growth and makes the hair look better;
6. It effectively reduces stress and fatigue and gives energy for the whole day;
7. It fills the body with the vital energy.
It is important to mention that the cedar pillow does not cause allergy!
While using the pillow, it easily repeats the form of the head. The head is tightly fixed, so that there do not occur any laydowns or discomfort. The pillow is at the same time orthopedic and healing. Siberian cedar or Siberian cedar pine is one of the richest source of phytoncides among all conifer trees. Phytoncides or natural antiseptics are biologic active substances, produced by plants, which are killing or decreasing the growth and development of bacteria, microscopic mushrooms, protozoa and viruses. 
It kills the pathogenic bacteria. Due to the essential oil, that it contains, sleep on the cedar pillow quickens the healing from the cold. Such a pillow could be purchased for children who frequently catch cold or become sick. 
Cedar pillow with the cedar nut skin natural filling has the unique advantage – there will never be any bed ticks, fleas or any other insects or harmful microelements, causing allergy. 
It has beneficial influence on the nervous system of the human. The smell of needles and the forest is relaxing, it takes away fatigue and stress, gives peace, it helps to fall asleep quickly and makes the sleep deeper. It noticeably improves mood and health. 
Essential oils of Siberian cedar are the source of the natural phytoncides and provitamins. Essential oils are the ones which disinfect the air, strengthen the immune system, provide the positive influence on the nervous and respiratory systems, help to prevent cold. 
Cosmetic effect. First of all such pillow does not leave any trace on the face and also after the sleep on such a pillow the puffiness of the face disappear.  
The pillow is easy to use. This pillow does not require special treatment, it is recommended to smooth it, shake it and dry it preferably at the sun like the normal pillow. If you wish the pillow to last long it is recommended to use the pillow case. 
If you want to please yourself and your relatives with really beneficial source of health and peace, you should definitely pay attention at our cedar pillow! 
Composition: filling – under shell skin of the cedar nut
100 % no additives; napernik – natural teak or linen.