Rose Bay Willow herb tea, with Hawthorn

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Rose Bay Willow herb tea with hawthorn  50g
Ingredients: Organic Rose Bay Willow herb (fermented and granulated), Organic hawthorn berries.
Hawthorn berries are good for the treatment of hypertension, arrhythmia, general weakness and atherosclerosis. Plus to that ROSE BAY WILLOW herb tea with hawthorn means deep and healthy sleep. 
The research conducted by our company in the European
accredited laboratory has shown that Rose Bay Willow herb tea, has a high content 
of active ingredients such as:
Fe (ferrum)
K (potassium)
Cr (chromium)
Ca (calcium)
B-Carotene (natural antioxidant)
Mn (manganese) and other microelements, thus proving that Rose Bay Willow herb tea is a product that 
*** improves haematopoiesis
*** contributes to restoring normal blood pressure
*** helps reduce the extreme excitability of the central
        nervous system 
*** contributes to maintaining the immune system of
*** „Ivan Chai” tea is helpful for the normal functioning of
     prostate gland in males, due to phytosterols.
    (Phytosterols are plant-derived compounds contained in the „Ivan Chai” tea, which contribute to maintaining the functioning of prostate gland).
     Phytosterols are considered as active ingredients  
     for the treatment of prostate adenoma in males.
     For added healthy properties of the „Ivan Chai” tea, our experts 
     have developed a range of beverages with various berries and fruits.
*** Rose Bay Willow herb tea with blueberries
*** Rose Bay Willow herb teawith sea buckthorn 
*** Rose Bay Willow herb tea with rosehip
*** Rose Bay Willow herb tea with hawthorn
      You will be positively surprised by this caffeine-free tea and its tart taste!
      Have a pleasant Rose Bay Willow herb tea-time!
  People who choose ROSE BAY WILLOW herb tea take care of their health and the health of their relatives.  

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