Smart snack with garlic

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Smart snack with garlic



Ingredients: brown and white linseed, garlic 4,2%, salt

Estvita Flaxes:

• germinative seeds are chosen for the flaxes

• contain minerals and vitamins

• mostly contain unsaturated fatty acids in fats

• quell hunger quickly and for a long time

• are a substitute for fast food and the best option if you have to eat on the go

• can be eaten as a snack, or with tea or coffee

• are suitable for people who want to eat functionally and watch their weight

• suitable for vegetarians and people who eat raw food

Flaxes – a tasty way to look after your health!

Properties: linseed is good for digestion and accelerates bowel function. Garlic is a source of antioxidants, good for the heart and liver, and helps maintain a normal level of cholesterol and sugar in the blood. It is important to maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to keep illness at bay.



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