Porrigge Mix: rice,buckwheat,chocolate

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 Porrigge Mix: rice,buckwheat,chocolate
4*45g  Sachets
A ready-to- eat
pre-cooked meal
Enriched with fibre , proteins, vitamins
No need to add sugar
No need to cook   
We are offer instant porridge.  .
Made from organic ingredients the high energy content mixed with the flavour of natural components.This exotic combination gives it the lip-smacking taste that leaves you asking for more.
Roasted Porridge Estvita is enriched with low calories, high fibre, proteins. 
People of all ages, must consume porridge at breakfast.
Porridge fulfills the deficiency of the required nutrients.
Ingredients: organic brown rice(50%), organic buckwheat (45%),  organic chocolate(5%).
Preparation: Mix sachet of Smart porridge powder in 200ml of hot or cold milk,water, juice or yoghurt.
Stir well and enjoy tastier, nutritional and healthy Smart porridge.
Keep in a cool,dry,clean place.


 Energie/ Energi/Energia/Energy                                                                               346 kJ/ 1452 kcal

Fette/Rasvoja/Fett /Fats                                                                                                                               2,5g

davon gesättigte Fettsäuren /joista tyydyttyneitä rasvahappoja/

varav mättade fettsyror /of which saturates                                                                                                  0,6g

Kohlenhydrate/Hiilihydraatteja/Kolhydrater/Carbohydrates                                                                        70,8g

davon Zucker/Joista sokereita /varav sockerarter /of which sugars                                                             1,8g

Eiweiß /Proteiinit/Proteiner/Proteins                                                                                                             6,9g

Ballaststoffe/Fiber/Ravintokuito/Fibre                                                                                                             5g

Salz/Suolaa/Salt                                                                                                                                              0g


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